Latest source and linux binary: alpha 0.007 - download
Nodescripter is a node based scripting engine, designed mainly for artistic use 
in both graphic and audio forms. Nodescripter currently uses GLFW for opengl 
rendering and user input.

I'm writing nodescripter at least initially, for the purpose of learning 
C/C++. The current version (0.003) is highly unpolished and grossly inefficient. 
It should compile on most linux distros, osx, and windows 98, 2000, XP. Though it 
has only been tested on ubuntu linux. If you are planning on compiling in on 
windows I suggest using minGW . Also, to compile you will need the GLFW library:

 . add nodes - space
 . move around work space - middle mouse button
 . scale work space - ctrl and middle mouse button
 . to enter numbers into input nodes - press enter, type number, press enter, 
   hold "p" click on input node.
 . move nodes by clicking on the blue section on the top of them

 . to save/load press enter type save yourfilename, or load yourfilename 
   also you can do a quicksave by pressing control s

 things to avoid:
 . Making numbers bigger than the standard float can handle... if this 
   happens it will crash.