Latest source and linux binary: alpha 0.007 - download
"-" means depreciated, "+" means added.

 + fixed bug where node in or out could be clicked while moving or using other node
 + made node name assignment more efficient
 + node type name shows up in the node list

 + fixed bug where nodes snap together when they overlap
 + made nodes drag relative to where the mouse clicks instead of the middle of the node

 + adding and deleting nodes resizes vector, so now the only limit is memory and size_max
 + basic save/load

 - you don't start with any nodes automatically anymore
 - "turbo button" key "r"
 + restructuring, is now mostly separated into: rendering, processing, and input
 + fixed bugs related to node add menu
 + fixed bugs related deleting/making nodes
 + much faster and more efficient
 + nodes now are a vector of structures instead of a structure of arrays

 + "turbo button" key "r"

 + vector input
 + vector 2d draw
 + when entering number backspace can now be used same as left key
 + remove/change node connections by left clicking on the connection point